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Fox Covert Farm is located at 22235 Green Garden Road in Upperville, Virginia.


Do not turn into the drive way  at 22145 Green Garden Road, with stone gateposts that say "Fox Covert". That is the house driveway, and you will not be able to turn around there! Continue south another four-tenths of a mile, and turn at the green mailboxes. Don't be confused that one of the mailboxes has the address numbers for the main house on it. If you can see the stables and arena, you are at the correct driveway.

From the North:

Take Rt. 15 south to Leesburg, Va.. Go west on Rt. 7 about 7 miles to the Round Hill exit. Go right (west) on old Rt 7 into Round Hill 3/10th of a mile, and go left on 719. That is called New Cut Road. Follow Rt 719 south for about 10 miles( including straight through one stop sign). The road will become a gravel road. Continue 8/10th of a mile and turn right into the stable driveway. 

From the East:

Take Rt. 50 to Middleburg, Va. From the stoplight in Middleburg, continue just over 6 miles, and turn right on Rt. 623. This is called Willisville Road. Continue on 623 for just over 2 miles to a stop sign. Turn left on the gravel road. This is Rt. 719, also called Green Garden Road. Follow directions as above for the stables.

From the West:

From Winchester, Va go East on Rt. 50 for about 25 miles to the village of Upperville. On the other side of Upperville, continue on Rt. 50 for about 1&1/2 mile. Turn left on 623, and follow as above for the stables.

From the South:

Take Rt. 17 North until it dead ends at Rt. 50. Go east on 50 and follow as from the West.

Remember, once you are on the gravel road, do not turn at the stone gateposts which say "Fox Covert" but continue down 719 until you come to my stable driveway.

call 540-592-3642 with any problems.

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